Acceptable Use Policy

Parent Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for ICT Systems


Schools have a duty of care and must ensure they are able to safeguard children, young people, staff and other stakeholders. This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) has been drawn up in accordance with current guidelines and advice provided by the Department for Education (DfE) in order to help in ensuring the safeguarding of all stakeholders involved in the use of ICT in and out of school.

Purpose of the AUP

These AUP statements are designed to ensure parents and carers are aware of their responsibilities when using ICT systems provided by the school, such as the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Parents should follow these guidelines at all times. You are responsible for your behaviour and actions when using ICT and accessing Internet services provided by the school, whether on your own or school equipment.

We ask that, in order to ensure the safety of all ICT users within the school community, you accept and adhere to the following statements:


  • All users must understand that all network activity and online communications through the school VLE and network are monitored and logged, including any personal and private communications and should be aware that in certain circumstances where unacceptable use is suspected, enhanced monitoring and procedures may come into action
  • All users have a duty to protect their passwords and personal logins and must log off the VLE when finished. Logon details must not be shared or revealed to anyone
  • Any attempts to access, corrupt or destroy other users’ data, or compromise the privacy of others in any way, using any technology, is prohibited

Responsible use

  • All users must take responsibility for their own use of the VLE, making sure that they use it safely, responsibly and legally
  • The following are not permitted at any time: the creation, display, production, storage, circulation or transmission of pornographic or other offensive material in any form or medium. Including sending, posting or displaying offensive images, language or any other type of offensive content including the bullying, harassment or intimidation of others
  • Users must not create, store or transmit:
    • Defamatory or libellous material
    • Material that infringes copyright
    • Unsolicited commercial or advertising material
  • All users must be active participants in e-safety education, taking personal responsibility for their awareness of the opportunities and risks posed by new technologies. Links to e-Safety guidance are provided to users within the Parent Zone area of the VLE
  • No applications or services accessed by users may be used to bring the school, or its members, into disrepute
  • Users must not use forums to air grievances - comments must be appropriate to the discussion


Users are permitted to post, view, copy, save and print information hosted within the Parent Portal and Parent Zone of the VLE subject to the agreement that:

  • Confidentiality and copyright are upheld at all times
  • Such material is used for personal, non-commercial use only
  • All information posted to users and by users in online discussion forums or any other medium within the VLE remains the copyright of Kettlethorpe High School and must not be reproduced, communicated or quoted without the express permission of Kettlethorpe High School
  • By posting to forums within the VLE, you are granting permission to the school to reproduce such content in line with current Data Protection Policy (available on VLE)


  • All users have a responsibility to report any known misuses of technology, including the unacceptable behaviours of others. Mechanisms to Report Misuse in a confidential manner will be made available to users within the VLE
  • All users have a duty to respect the technical safeguards which are in place. Any attempt to breach technical safeguards, conceal network identities, or gain unauthorised access to systems and services, is unacceptable
  • This AUP is regularly reviewed and reacceptance will be sought from all users upon change or amendment
  • This AUP will remain in effect after first acceptance and for all subsequent logons to the VLE
  • Kettlethorpe High School reserves the right to remove and deny access to the VLE and related services in case of breach of this AUP


I, the undersigned, agree to adhere to the AUP outlined above.

Parent name:______________________________________________________



A digital copy of this document will be transmitted via the VLE which must be accepted by all users on logon after first activation of this AUP.

Data Protection Statement

Kettlethorpe High School deals with all personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018. Any information submitted to the school will only be used for the purposes for which it has been collected. At no time will your information be passed on to organisations for marketing or sales purposes. Occasionally, parents may be approached to take part in surveys by mail, telephone or via the Internet, which are aimed at enabling Kettlethorpe High School to improve quality and plan for future provision.

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