Modern Foreign Languages - MFL

French Year 8

This course is to help pupils prepare for the new GCSE exam for those taking French from 2011.
The aim of this course is to introduce both teachers and pupils to the new GCSE course

MFL Staffroom Zone

This course is to follow the scheme of work for Year 9 K band pupils studying the second half of Listos 2 and starting Listos 3. This represents the final run up to GCSE. The course provides pupils with an opportunity to consolidate learning initiated in lessons.

This course follows the Year 7 scheme of work. It is based around the Heinemann Metro One course. Each weekly activity accompanies the unit covered in school lessons. It is a beginners' course so could be used to complement any early studies of French.

This is the Year 9 Spanish course following the Listos 2 rojo book.